How else could I call in the broadest sense of knowledge, the work of art if not as representing the transfiguration of a reality glimpse with means and tools specific of interpersonal communication language. I do not know when I became aware of the depth of this message, but I know that my life has revolved in its essence, around this truth. For me it means not only the material reality that I report the physical existence but it is the treasure chamber that houses ideas, dreams, aspirations and endless suggestions for their transfiguration into works of art. Core reality that we live in is an unlimited and permanent challenging source for innovation and enriching the art of language. The main purpose of my approach is the realization of possible creative representations of the surprising situations found in this reality.
I address decent appreciation and gratitude thoughts to the viewer who lingered a moment in front of my paintings, whether it has met in some exhibition on the picture rails of a museum, of an art gallery or private collection, but also reproduced in the pages of this album.
I can only assure him that what you find by looking at them, are fragments of reality transfigured with emotion and sensitivity by personal rules and meanings.

Painter Liviu Suhar
January 2010